DataCutter Datasets

Point of Interest (POI)

The most detailed point dataset listing the locations of over 4 million different places, with precise co-ordinates allowing them to be accurately placed on a map. The data is available under the following groups Accommodation, Eating, Drinking, Commercial Services, Attractions, Sport, Entertainment, Education, Health, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Production, Retail and Transport. Data is supplied as a CSV file

PT Network

The most comprehensive supply of digital timetables data showing full trip information for rail, bus, coach, ferry, tram, tube and other minor modes of transport. The data is available from 2015 as a quarterly snapshot and can be used to drive public transport travel times or working out stop frequency information. The data is supplied as a CIF or TXC file, which can be read by software like TRACC.

Bus route Lines

A digitized visual dataset showing all the bus route lines for Great Britain. This data can be sorted by operator, route and further queried to find out route frequencies. The data is provided as a SHAPE file. For technical details please click here.


This is the most detailed public transport stop data consisting of almost 500,000 stop locations. This shows every stop in Great Britain. The data includes the stop co-ordinate and is provided as a CSV file.

Road Network

Digital polyline road networks that can be used to route on. This data is available as free opensource data through to premium datasets. This data will work in a GIS/Mapping system and is provided as a SHAPE file. Meridian 2 A simple free road network provided by Ordnance Survey that can be used commercially as a base road network. It contains all major roads and most minor roads and offers great accuracy. OpenRoads The most detailed freely available dataset on the market supplied by Ordnance Survey. This contains all major and minor roads and is available for free commercially and consists of over 4 million links.

ITN Integrated Transport Network

The most detailed road network showing all the curves and kinks in the road as well as comprehensive information on one way streets, grade separation and turning restrictions. This is available to the public sector for free (PSMA Access can be provided in DC) or can be purchased in small chunks via the DataCutter. This contains some footpath information which can be used for walking access.

ITN with UP Urban Paths

A comprehensive footpath network that links back into the ITN network. This contains over 500,000 km’s of footpaths in Great Britain and is the definitive network for walking travel times. This required an ITN network to be provide a complete network, also available for free to public sector and can be purchased in DataCutter.


Census statistics help paint a picture of the nation and how we live. They provide a detailed snapshot of the population and its characteristics, and underpin funding allocation to provide public services. The population of England & Wales on Census Day, 27 March 2011, was 56,075,912. This is available at output area level covering 500 households giving the most accurate freely available demographic dataset in Great Britain.